Thursday, June 16, 2005

Djema el Fna

Dinner at Djema el Fna was interesting to say the least. The table was absolutely covered in crazy foods. Many of the items were meaterific, so I didn't try them. We had a kind of fresh salsa that was eaten with bread... actually, everything was eaten with bread... This was good since I don't eat meat, but bad since I am not naturally skinny. As you can see, there were French fries. Ahhh yes. A true American fatty food and great addition to any Moroccan meal. The entire area at the market was filled with different stands of food. You just walked up and pointed to whatever different uncooked dishes you wanted and the next thing you know out they came. The waiters put all of the skewered pieces of dead animal in front of me. I had to keep passing it down toward Stephen (my honorary meat buddy for the trip). It wasn't too bad though since they gave us wax paper to wipe our hands with.

Always the gentleman, Stephen offered me his bowl of snails. The little critters came complete with shell and unknown liquid pool. Many tried the snail, but few returned for seconds.

At the end of the meal, the workers put a chef's hat on Doc and persuaded him to join them for a great touristy photo op. All in all this was a great end to a very busy day.

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