Thursday, June 16, 2005


This is at the hotel in Marrakesh. While the picture is not that exciting, the story behind the picture is funny in a sad, we were all a little worn out, kind of way. The heat index at times reached well over 100 degrees. We finally had the opportunity to take off some of the oppressive clothes and go for a swim. The lifeguard at the pool said something to me about three times that I did not understand at all. My fault for my lack of language skills. Even the word I know, I can't understand without Doc's Waco accent to slow it down to a Texan pace. I proceeded to dive into the pool. Well, it turns out he was saying douche. Now, don't get offended just yet. While douche may make us Americans blush, it means shower or bath to the French. Not private place shower or bath, just a plain old, get the dirty out kinda cleansing. Apparently, I was a complete ass and ignored the lifeguards request that I take a shower. Trust me, not my intention. Next time I go to a pool in Morocco I will know the real deal, I have to douche.

This picture was taken off our balcony at the same hotel. Again, not too exciting. However, notice that this hotel is in the middle of a large city. There are cars on the road along with some motorcycles, bicycles, and well... a man, his cart, and his donkey. This was interestingly enough a common sight along the trip. I was an ass, then I saw an ass. How apropos.

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