Saturday, June 18, 2005

Essaouira, Morroco
We decided that nothing would be more touristy than riding camels and seeing no reason to disappoint the locals and the stereotypes they held of Americans, we rode camels. Candyce and I rode the Great Bambino to Castle in the Sand. The trip was a little ripe due to the two camels in front of us, Max (Haley and Ashlee) and Rasta (the aptly named camel of Stephen and Jonathan). The castle has been made famous due to the supposed connection to Jimmi Hendrix and the song Castles Made of Sand. While I can see a vague connections and know that he was definitely in the area, I am not sure if I buy the whole bit. I like to think that Candyce and I look thin due to the sheer size of the camel. It's like the "fat friend" that all groups of girls have to make the rest of the group look better by comparison... The camel was a great "fat friend."

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