Friday, June 10, 2005

Seriously Long Day

8:00am, the scheduled time to arrive at the airport… 8:30am, Candyce and I arrive at the airport. This possibly does not bode well for our score on the punctuality section of the evaluations. At the airport, Ashlee and I bought books for the trip, everyone else bought food.

The flight from Austin to Minneapolis was fairly uneventful other than the frightening flight attendant who appeared as though she would be perfectly happy if the plane burst into flames. I think she pointed to the wrong rows during the emergency exit demonstration in the hopes that we would die. Tragic. I am sure that she didn't really want us to die. (I'm only saying that in case she somehow knows how to find my blog, we all know she wanted us dead.) She has funny story potential, but not until we are safely out of her icy grasp.

Minneapolis: first visit and hopefully the last. I don’t think I have ever purposely spent that much time in an airport. We had a terrible lunch at Chili’s Too. An older waitress dropped a ton of change and exclaimed, “POOP!” Only she didn’t say poop. This didn’t seem to bother anyone but Candyce and I. Our waitress, much like the aforementioned flight attendant seemed very displeased with out presence. After waiting about half and hour for food she told us it was because a black bean burger takes longer to cook than actual beef. Delusional? Yes, I think so. I mean seriously, how long could it possibly take to reheat a premade beean patty? ( I never realized how gross that sounded until now.) After returning to the gate the others had ice cream from McDonalds. Sadly, I have to pay a little more attention to what I eat and I abstained from the frozen calorie cone. We played BS for a while and attempted the who-can-hold-the-carry-on-longest game. We garnered quite a few looks as our game progressed into draw a card and pick someone else's bag. We quickly discovered that we looked a little suspicious and a lot crazy. In an airport environment, this is not the best plan, thus we decided just to talk until boarding.

The ridiculously long flight to Amsterdam turned out to fair better than the trip had to that point. The stewardess on this flight was funny and actually seemed to enjoy her job. When she nearly ran over Stephen's foot with the beverage cart she told him if she had she would have to get him a toe truck. She made fun of the guy a few rows up that had the sanitary head rest cover stuck to his head when he stood up. She even commented that it would be funny if it said "kick me". Toward the end of the flight, Stephen and Haley were playing cards. Stephen was cheating. Again amusing, as I was the only one who could see what he was doing. Somewhere in all the travel and time zones the day changed. Great fun. I only slept about an hour and the travel is starting to get to me. I am beginning to regret not bringing a cd player, but I hope in the long run it helps me get more out of the trip.

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