Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Trains and KFC

We left Tangier this morning by train. The Glazes accompanied us to the station to say their goodbyes. They kept saying how much fun we had been and how much they were going to miss us. I must be fairly irritable because I as certain they didn't like us at all. I thought when they were leaving was the only time they seemed happy to see us at all.

The next train ride was five hours to Casablanca. The six of us were in the same train car for the first time on the entire trip. While this may have been more fun toward the beginning of the trip, we are all getting so tired that we basically sat in silence for five hours. Everyone but Ashlee and I put on headphones and did their best to sleep. Stephen and I developed a system of space sharing similar to the one Candyce and I had perfected early in the trip. It kinda reminds me of that butterfly thing on the swing set when I was little.
Anywho, I was bummed that people didn't want to do anything together... at least, I was bummed until everyone started to wake up. Seriously, I am so tired of the attitude that certain people (or person) always have to be at the center of focus. The joy of a group is that it is a group.
When we arrived in Casa, Debbie was not feeling well so she did not go to dinner with us. The rest of us headed to KFC on the beach. The drive was ridiculously long just for KFC. It seemed that the chicken chain had experienced a lot less success in entering the foreign market than its burger counter part, McDonald's. I think this was due to their lack of language assimilations as well as some of their menu choices. The sandwich that Candyce had was topped with a slice of ham. Whose brilliant plan was that in a Muslim nation?
Other than the drive to and from dinner, we stayed in the hotel and rested the remainder of the day. We watched a bunch of television in French like Law and Order, Crossing Jordan, CSI, and some WB shows. Also, the commercials were cause for note taking. They would have been interesting case studies in the advertising and promotions class.

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