Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Vacation, Education, Innoculation

June 15th
Candyce was pretty sick this morning. She woke up on her rooftop suite and looked left, looked right, then silently vomited... on her sheets, and mine, and a towel. She claimed to be okay, so we headed off to breakfast. Despite the green shade of her face (perhaps it was the Moroccan sun), she still claimed to be okay. But, then, sitting at the table, she looked left, looked right, then silently vomited. She was then wisked away to the ac in town, a shower, and cleaner drinking water. We all had a sneaking suspicion that Debbie paid her to get sick so she could avoid the sheep.

We had to wait for what seemd like forever before we began innoculating the sheep. The day was getting hotter as we waited and at one point it looked as though we wouldn't be helping anybody out due to infighting among the people in the area. Apparently there had been some confucion on whose sheep we would be innoculating. I say the more the merrier. Bring it. We were giving free innoculations to sheep in order to improve the frequency and health of births in an attempt to positivly impact their regional economy.

While waiting around for a decision to be made, I dawned my sheep shirt. I made shirts prior to the trip to so that we would all match on innocualtion day. I figured it would make it easier to spot each other in the midst of all the sheep and people. It later appeared obvious that our skin and language made it pretty easy to find one another. Bust, but the shirts were fun regardless.

Ñ Karim was uber helpful, we had a whole conversation about his brother but we were speaking different languages
Ñ Visited bee keeper
Ñ tried to call home unsuccessfully

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