Saturday, June 25, 2005

Van Leaves at 4am

Wow, could we be any more attractive than we are here?

The plan: stay awake until it is time to leave the hotel and head to the airport.

The flaw in the plan: We haven't gotten enough sleep since arriving in Morocco and staying awake this long does not do a body good.

There are things that are doable at the end of the semester after your last final. There are things that are doable when a close friend is getting married and you have one last chance to live it up single style. But these things were not meant for tonight.

I am fairly certain that our faces say it all. One thing that cannot be clearly expressed here is the question burning in our tired minds... "Wasn't there a fourth person here a minute ago?" That's right we lost someone. This is not however the end of the world. It is our last night in Morocco and surely he wouldn't have strayed too far.

Really, it's not a big deal. We found him eventually. Turns out he made some friends downstairs. Some guy named Mohammad and another guy who apparently wasn't as important in his tale, as he received no name credit.

Sadly, we did not make it all night. At 3am we decided that an hour of sleep wouldn't kill anyone, and we couldn't watch JK lick his underwear necklace one more time...

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