Wednesday, June 15, 2005

We are all starting to look a little skeezy... well, except Haley... she always looks "perfect." The only saving grace for our lack of fixed hair, half done make-up (if that), and suitcase creased clothes is our new found henna tats. Candyce had one put on her foot, Haley had one put on her back, and Ashley and I had our hands done. I am not sure how well is can be seen in these pictures, but for future references, if I say something deserves the henna finger... it's really not a good thing. Unless you are Moroccan, then apparently the henna finger doesn't mean anything to you. We had the tattoos done at Jim's home in Amizamiz. We were bummed that we didn't get to have it done in Amghrass, but it turned out better this way as we all needed some decent sleep and a night in for bonding, mapping, and a story about a lady in a green dress. I would tell you more about the lady, but I fell asleep on Stephen's bed about two minutes into it. Nice guy didn't even wake me up. Jonathan kept telling his stories and I eventually woke up and made my way to my clay pillow upstairs.

This picture is of the henna process. After the henna base had dried on my hands a liquid funk was added to help the tattoo set. All I can say for sure is that if something had died in the room I was sleeping in, I wouldn't have noticed the smell anytime soon. Not that any of you were there, but what is the red blotch on my face. Seriously.

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