Friday, July 29, 2005

Jodi's (way too) Brief Visit

Can we say red faces? I think my face is noticeably worse than Jodi's. Had you been a fly on the wall you would have known that my eyes were on fire likely from the oil used after fixing our eyebrows. A night of beauty turned into a night of swollen eyes. Hmmm... I must really be okay with myself to post a picture this unflattering for anyone and their dog to see. Well, I am sure that those who love me will continue to do so.

This picture made the cut because whatever angle Jodi took this from, I
look pretty dang good. Sad that I look better from the back than the front, but nice that I don't have any visible deformities. Yes, that clutter is the current state of my room. What can I say? I went through everything I own and got rid of more than half of it, but my things are still in a mild state of disarray. I guess if you have known me long, you know that I like it that way. Pictures, trinkets, books, music, and shoes... Everywhere. I am glad that Jodi was able to stop by for a couple days. I had to work most of the time she was here, but she still rocks my world in a special campy sort of way.


Anonymous said...

so whats with the 'june 29th' date?!! huh huh HUH!! hehe...... you rock MY world. i love you and have done without you for all too long. we absolutely CANNOT keep only seeing each other 2 times a year. *HEAR HEAR* so i seriously did not know you had a blogspot... whats wrong with me?! now i can retrace all yer dirty lil secrets *mwahahhhahaah* (in a judy sorta way LOL) love ya babe, talk to ya soon -j-

Lacey Joe said...

I don't know how the ate got all jacked up... and I tend to delete the really sad stuff... like the time I was so broke that I ate cookie sprinkles for dinner... or the time I invited some random guy that we will call "tree" to eat with us at a restaurant just because he was alone in line behind us...