Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Lunch with a Great Friend

I am stoked to be having lunch tomorrow with my friend Seth. I have known Seth since the first grade at Wiley Post Elementary School in Oklahoma City. He works at Dell in Austin, just a short trip from where I live. Seth always makes me laugh and provides great positive reinforcement when I need it. Today I called him to ask for reassurance that something I was contemplating was okay and before I even told him what it was he said I was okay. Yep, that's right. He trusts my judgment.

Did you know that meeting* someone from Dell was comparable to meeting someone from Lawton, OK? Well, if not, you do now.

*Verb has been changed to protect the innocent, both at Dell and in Lawton- Thanks, MGMT


Mike said...

Why not lunch with me? It's only a 6 hr drive...

Lacey Joe said...

Far too far for lunch my friend. Perhaps sometime we can meet in the big D... nice half way point.