Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Moving, Spam, Grad Schools, and Ice

The longer I sit here today with nothing to do, the more freaked I get about the idea of moving across the country by myself. I mean, it's only 1200 miles, but any more and I would drive off into the ocean. I started looking at apartments online. This makes me nervous because I think about the pictures I put of myself on online and I know these apartment complexes aren't telling the whole truth. But, it's either look online or be homeless when I get there. Both choices are frightening, but only one would likely lead to body lice and seriously bizarre odors.

So, I get all excited to check my comments, since I rarely get any... and what shall appear before me? The magical spam fairy sprinkling her magic spam dust throughout my page. What a load of fairy crap. Really, who cares about cartoon animals? Surely it isn't me.

I have started looking through some grad school information and have decided to put my 720 to good use. I will be attending a school I deserve to go to this time around. No settling for whatever is close, convenient, or cheap. No-no-no. I am seriously considering Purdue, NYU, Pepperdine, and Polytech. We will see though. A lot can happen in the course of my decision making process.

I love ice. I like to eat it plain, with a little drink on it, crushed, cubed, or otherwise. I love ice.


Anonymous said...


mmmm I love SPAM


Lacey Joe said...

Did I tell you they have an annual spam festival here? Not computer spam, but meat product spam?

Anonymous said...

ewww gross!