Saturday, August 13, 2005

Seems Like Ages

It seems like ages since I had access to my computer and the internet. I am obviously codependent. What seems like a month turns out to have only been a couple days. I am afraid in that short amount of time I neglected a few of the people with whom the internet is my primary contact source. Piss. I am sorry. Not that there is much I can do about it at the present. What makes it slightly worse is that I will be leaving again in the morning without having my precious fix again until way late Monday or early Tuesday morning. Who knows what might have happened by then?

I am done with the whole bartending bit, now it is off to find a job. I have had a couple offers, two invitations to interview, and one that I will seriously wet myself if I get. So a handful of opportunities and here I am looking for part-time work tending bar. Oh the sad life of a recent college grad.

Tomorrow I am meeting someone. I am nervous because him/her only has a vague knowledge of what I actually look like. I had contemplated sending him/her here to look at what he/she is actually getting him/herself into, but now I have written about him/her and refered to him/her as "him/her"... can you get much weirder than that. I am sure it is possible, but not entirely likely.

I think i will just leave this mess to surprise... who doesn't love a surprise... I mean other than me.

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Anonymous said...

i looooove suprises! of course only if i know the details beforehand.... im such a nosy biotch LOL props on the 'him/her'.... interehsante -j-