Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Board Games Aren't Just...

... for family night anymore. Call me lame if you must, but I love board games. Tonight, Rich, Alester, Naomi, and I played Taboo for a bit. We tried to play some game called Hear Me Out or something, but frankly it was far too confusing for people without the motivation to learn a new language. All in all it was pretty fun, but since we didn't read all the rules before we started, it was a little hectic. Naomi and Alester creamed Rich and I most of the game, but as we read the rules, it turned out we were pretty close. Koda loves playing with Rich. Saldy, I think when he heads back to the UK, he and Koda will miss each other more than either one of them will ever miss me. Oh, my dog and my temporary man... if that doesn't just beat all.

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