Saturday, October 01, 2005

Dinner, Drinks, Wingman

Sept 30: Naomi and I had dinner at one of her favorite spots, Stonewood. We ate at the bar and chatted with some of the staff. They had a great salad, but nowhere near the salad I had at Ocean Deck. Naomi taught me a great memory trick that I can use to impress the masses now. As if I wasn't socially marketable enough, right? One of the waitors was super nice. While I am fairly certain he is into Naomi (isn't everyone?) I still find myself with the tiniest little crush on him. The problem is that if he is in fact into petite blondes... well, that is so not me unless they invent some sort of entire body restructuring that can make your entire bone structure shrink... but the hair, that would be easy to fix. Anywhom hopefully we will run into the waitor again... in a more social setting where he isn't wearing an apron...

After dinner, we headed to MaiTai's (wig free). We were feeling pretty low-key, but the place was packed. I am convinced that the ratio of men to women here is like 8 to 1. Some guy named John follwed Naomi around like a lost puppy. I wasn't sure who to feel sorry for though. John, because he didn't realize he was being rejected due to his social shortcomings, or Naomi, who kept having to find new ways to try and shake him off her arm. The whole bit was far more entertaining than should be allowed in the game of mismatched bar hook-ups.

This post is not finished... there is more to come including Adobe Gillas, Ben Afflec, and the dancing basketball coach from Embry Riddle in his alligator shoes.

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what was the memory trick??? huh Huh HUH -jo-