Sunday, October 02, 2005

October 1: Sushi, Shots, and a Sexy Man

Naomi and I decided that tonight was definitely a sushi night. We headed out to the local sushi joint and settled in at the bar for a night of low-impact eating. There were a pair of men down the row from us who at first we thought had the appearance of possible gayness, however on closer inspection we noticed their closer inspection of some lady’s breast (which didn’t need too much close inspection as they were hanging well beyond their restrictive devices). The food was great… as always I had some vegetable laden dish and was completely satisfied yet… not. On the way out, we passed a very attractive, Italian looking guy. Sexy dark hair, brown t-shirt, trendy jeans. He smiled at me and said, “hi.” Sadly, my lack of self-confidence caused me to look at my shoes (cute and new, but nothing that needed checked out) and continue out the door.

In the car Naomi and I had a great conversation about the difference in how we approached guys that we thought were beneath us and how we approached guys who we thought were too good for us. The differences were startling, yet very enlightening. We decided that it isn’t that hot guys aren’t interested in us, it’s that they aren’t interested in the us that we are showing them. When there is no feeling of threat or fear of rejection we can be openly witty, smart, and charming. When there is a fear of rejection, however, it consumes us to the point of being dull for fear of sounding like an idiot. So a deal was made. We would no longer do this to ourselves.

I know what you are thinking, how can you just change like that… well… off to the Ocean Deck.

The Ocean Deck is a great bar/restaurant, not to be confused with a restaurant/bar. It opens up on one side toward the beach. They had a live reggae band playing in there tonight, which was great! We weren't having a ton of fun by any means, so we decided it would be the perfect time to pretend to be tourists. Kansas, California, New York, a different story every guy. We really should stop doing this, but it makes for a fun time and keeps us on our toes trying to remember what we have been telling people and what not.

On the way to the bar after leaving the dance floor, I passed a really attractive guy that struck me as English. He had the shoes, the pants, the look... you know what I mean. Well, after some silly banter, discovered that his name was Rich and he was in fact from the north of England. Oh the details I want to share, but since I actually like him I won't share his personal information. Basically, the important information is: very cute, smarter than your average bear, funny, stylish, and into me. Can it get any better?

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Anonymous said...

i love the detail in the description of that night! fabulous fabulous -jo-