Sunday, December 18, 2005

Does the nature in which a man approaches a woman affect the level of attraction felt in return

You often hear about women who are attracted to men and enjoy the chase more than the reward. And often times, despite our best intentions, many of us become those women. The more the guy in question appears aloof, the more the girl the wants him.

But what effect can be created by a guy that bends over backwards to ask for your number with an offer that includes some of your favorite things? What is the resulting feeling when a guy gets a world of information out of a five minute conversation and then asks you if you would be interested in dinner and a visit to an art museum? Is the effect the same? Or does the guy's attention to detail and apparent desire to actually go out of his way to positivly impact the girl's image of him cause an adverse affect?

So, said guy must have realized the error of his ways and now he is counter-balancing the niceness with the ever famed wait to call. The problem? I didn't need the wait to call counter-balance. I love art museums.

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