Thursday, December 01, 2005

Is Anyone Else Noticing a Trend...

How many blog entries can a girl have stating that she can't sleep? Not the problem tonight. Tonight the problem (if you so choose to call it that) is that my dog hasn't seen me all day and when I try to go to sleep he stands on my stomach and licks my forehead... strange. So for now I will acquiesce to his needs and keeps the lights on.

On an exciting note, the hockey game was amazing! I had more fun than I anticipated and the game was well played, clean hockey. It would be nice however, if I could stop myself from seeing the marketing onslaught and focus solely on the game. Instead I am mentally logging sponsors and the type of sponsorship they have, what promotions are available for recreation in a new venue, how many different ways they have of telling fans to buy more tickets and merchandise (an area where they could honestly use a little help). Anywho... that's all for now... here at least. I need to dump the marketing information into an actual file as I am certain that information falls out of my head when I roll over in bed at night.

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