Saturday, December 03, 2005

Too tired to write anyone in particular so...

Current mood: tired

Since I am completely worn out and have virtually no spare time... I have decided that a rambling stream of consciousness would be the best way to catch everyone up before I am out of computer contact for a few days. Brace yourselves.

As I lay here in my apartment for the last night... I wonder whether I am making the right move. But I guess I have to be content with my decision for the time being. I see so much potential and I simply am hitting a wall when it come to realizing it. But for those of you who know me best, you know that no matter what I decide I will always question it... and no matter how things are going I will always expect more. Sorry.

I need some new pics, but I have felt all kinds of blah when I've have a camera lately. I figure the next two days will be the opportune time to take some shots while I travel. Perhaps I will find the perfect pics for my Christams cards.

I have yet to finish packing. This could be a problem since I have told myself I am leaving before 7am. So... 7 hours and 9 minutes to get a good nights sleep and finish packing... this should be great. The dog is stressing over the lack of stuff left in the apartment. Currently we are down to an air mattress, his bed, laundry, one suitcase, and dog food. At least I have dog food though. He's lucky... I already got rid of all my people food.

I will be staying in a hotel for my first three nights in the new place. Hopefully it's not ghetto fab. I wish I had some plans or friends in the immediate area. That always makes the transition a little easier. But I will have cable and a bed I don't have to make. I plan on enjoying that thoroughly.

I should have something big for breakfast tomorrow. But not too big. Enough to keep me going through Florida at least. I hate stopping for food when I am on long trips. Stopping on long trips should be reserved for photographs and oddities. Like the world's largest peanut... Or the giant whale slide on Rt 66. If anyone knows of anything really cool along I-10, let me know. I'll be in the car with my phone all day... so... for real... call.

Well, I'm off to bed. One last note... I wrecked the company car today... on my official last day with the company. More to come on that little crap fest.

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