Friday, February 10, 2006

Could use a steroid boost...

No, I'm not dying or pumping up for the next swim match up with the German women, but I could use some bolstering. Last night I woke up twice because I couldn't breathe. Had there been an attractive man sitting on me... great... glad for the wake-up call... As it was, I was alone the room temperature had just caused my chest to tighten up. Oof. So this morning, armed with my four hours of decent sleep, I have set out to conquer this little issue and cough up whatever unpleasantness is causing my troubles.

On a side note... my coworkers are (I am certain) enjoying my disgusting hacking... How do I know that they are enjoying it you may ask... Because there has not only been no talk of my going home early, but rather the reminder that they need me to stay late.

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