Friday, February 03, 2006

Friday morning...

Current mood: uncomfortable

Let's talk about the awkward conversation i had this morning at the Chamber... but first a little background story.

I went out for a drink with a guy who lives with his parents. So at the end of the evening... where to do we go? His parents house. Okay, now the awkward part.

This morning I am standing talking to a nice fellow. He is asking if he can call me sometime. I am thinking... "you're alright... perhaps." I flip my hair, smile, and say, "sure." At this point I realize that someone is standing at my side, presumably waiting to talk to me. As I turn, I see the aforementioned guy's dad. Great. Now I feel a wee bit trashy.
So I am thinking about the fact that said guy has not even called me since Tuesday, so his loss if someone else wants to call. I am thinking, what a waste of energy he was. Running through my mind are the little pangs of yet another failed stab at having a social life... and then... the conversation gets worse.

"Did you guys have fun the other night?"

"Sure! It was great!"

"Just making sure my son didn't do anything to embarass himself."

"No, things were pretty low key... I'm too old for that much fun."

"When he got home my wife heard him come in and she was going to get up and see if he enjoyed the networking and going out with you, but then she heard another voice. We realized you were with him so I made her stay in the bedroom. She decided to just ask him about it the next morning."

"Haha... (uncomfortable pause)... hahummm... yep, I stopped by."

Well, I am sure you can see how I was bothered... it was like high school... the parent said all that but meant... "we know you came into our home and kissed our son... you dirty dirty hooker."

I am shamed. Shame. Shame. Shame.

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