Thursday, February 02, 2006

Guys, the Opera, and Other Randomness

The thoughts that travel through ones head given extra time in the car, a long night at the opera, and the ingestion of Chinese food from the fridge that probably should have gone in the trash over a week ago... bullet pointed for your reading ease...

-Went to the opera without a watch. Used the guy's next to me. He didn't know.

-Figured it was okay that I was staring at his watch since he was touching me... you know... accidentally on purpose. Guys, girls know when you are doing that.

-Character from opera had low self-esteem. Some guy overthrew her brother as king, tried to marry her sister-in-law when he was engaged to her first, tried to kill her brother, then told her he loved her at the end and magically... they were in love.

-Character from opera clearly illustrates a woman's need to feel loved.

-Character from opera made me feel frustrated for thinking about someone most of the day... waste of a day I suspect.

-Although not entirely a waste, as thinking about a great kiss helps pass the time.

-I need to start wearing a watch.

-I had forgotten how great live orchestra sounded. I've always loved going.

-In recent years, it's a great way for a guy to ensure a second night and later evening with me... symphony... or even a nice cd.

-We have games Thursday and Saturday.

-Weeknight games wear me out.

-I am a little freaked aout going to business interchange on Friday because of one person I will have to see... and I am not proud of my high school moment in their house.

-I am too old to be having high school moments.

-I need to wash my sheets on Saturday... or perhaps Sunday since I'll be working on Saturday.

-I might as well throw in the rest of my laundry then too.

-Must remember to give the excited "woo" on Friday... he'll like it more than he knows...

-Need to work the chamber more to my advantage. Sometimes people suck all the time and energy from everyone else. If I command my time a bit better... well, attention equals money.

-This started as a mess about the opera and the boy that has clouded my better judgement and has somehow morphed into a work and networking task list.

-Wow... my life must really suck.

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