Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I am totally in love...

... with the new shoes I am wearing. I should hope you didn't think it was person... we all know better than that.

While I am on the subject of love... I mean shoes... I think that life is bordering on unfair so far as work vs evening fashion trends for women. Tonight I will be going to the opera. I have to change clothes so as not to look like a shlub even though I am wearing slacks and a button-up dress shirt. See, that is not appropriate evening out wear for a woman. But men on the other hand, well, they can just go in their work clothes. Crap. So... I will be heading home at lunch, grabbing a skirt, a slightly higher heal, and something for the top that says "professional, feminine, classy, and available." No small task. Love the shoes I'll be wearing later too though!

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