Friday, April 07, 2006

Dirty Minded Meeting

Have you ever found yourself with a sudden need to have a "pleasurable moment" at a really inappropriate time? So I am sitting in meetings today thinking... huh... I could go for a sexy man right about now... perhaps in a towel... freshly showered... laying on the conference table. He would lay on his side with his head propped up by his sexy man arms. He could look into my eyes and rattle off marketing jargon. He could slide his hands across my reports and lick his fingers while turning the pages for me. I know he thinks I'm hot. Who (in my imagination) wouldn't? I think he's going to take off his towel and wipe the moisture from his body. Reach for it... And then...
"Lacey, what are your thoughts on that?"
Crap... so I give them my thoughts on what I was thinking about.
"I think that sounds super! We should make that happen today."
So here I sit waiting patiently for the copy machine to finish the copies that apparently I volunteered to make during the meeting... I really ought to pay more attention.

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