Monday, November 20, 2006


Last year around Thanksgiving I found myself wallowing in some sort of self-pity bath rolling about so I made sure I covered myself completly in this funk of self-absorbed negativity. I thought the feeling was stemming from my sad exhistence in Daytona Beach once Rich had left... the pathetic feeling of spending Thanksgiving with a married couple at dinner then Harry Potter (which reminds me... itsn't it time for a new HP movie?). So I ran. I ran away from Dirtona. I ran away from the beach, the biker bars, the race track, the people I had met... I ran.

I realize as I sit here tonight that my problem wasn't Daytona... just like it wasn't San Marcos... or Lampasas... or Oklahoma City... or Orlando... or Stillwater... or now Frisco... my problem is holidays.

I don't remember having bad holiday experiences as a child... Just like I don't remember what made me so stressed out at 13 that I had ulcers.

We all put on a mask. Everyday we get up and decide which mask we are going to put on to avoid letting people see the mess that we truely are underneathe it all. Tonight, I tried to take off my mask, and there was another one placed softly beneath it... and another beyond that. Have I really run so many times from so many places and so many people that I can't find who I was before I started running? Has it really been so long that I can't even place when I put on the first mask?

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Jesus likes hockey

If Jesus likes hockey... which clearly he does.. then why is attendance so low at the the Deja Blue? I mean honestly, we are in the midst of a Christian community with ample entertainment dollars remaining after the tray has been passed through the congregation. Perhaps if more people were exposed to this charming figurine of Jesus playing hockey with the trinity kid and the kid representing man (3# and #6 respectively for those of you not up on your biblical numerology), then more people would find themselves with a desire to see hockey. This figurine could be the answer to all my marketing issues. I mean... Jesus could be the answer to all my marketing issues.

I wonder if there is a Jesus the marketer figurine...