Saturday, December 02, 2006

Sprinkle Me with Love

Because this time I don't even have a potato.

When I was living in San Marcos when I was 22, I had one of those moments that while seemingly insignificant seemed to leave a clear mark on my memory. I was hungry and broke as many college kids are at that age. But not broke in that "I might have to turn to prostitution" way... more like the "I could have bought groceries this week, but I bought beer last week and now I'm out of luck" way... I was rummaging through my cabinet and all I had were various cookie sprinkles and a potato. This became a sad yet infamous event as I posted a blog describing using my finger to get the sprinkles out of the container lid like a lick-em-stick... Because while I was hungry, I wasn't about to take the time to cook a potato...

I have found myself in a similar situation today... I am no longer 22... I am making almost twice what I made then... I have learned to budget my money... and yet I have virtually no food... I have couscous, wine, and beer... Couscous takes like 20 minutes to cook or some ridiculous crap like that... So beer it is... I feel so grown up, making my own dinner and all... Bottoms up.

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