Saturday, December 23, 2006

When People Read Things out of Context

When someone reads something that was not meant for them, it causes little issues. Often times when I write it is based on a conversation I had with someone or an event that occured that day...

The problem is that if I haven't talked to someone in ages, then the information that becomes blog fodder is outdated and not meant for interpretation from people who are in the current realm of Lacey. For instance... when I talk about having relations with myself... that is just a spinoff of some conversation with my former boss who lives in Iowa and is gaining weight faster that you can say cheese fries with sour cream. When I talk about someone who didn't mention me to his folks, it can be attributed to a conversation I had with Pearl about a road trip we took nearly three years ago. When I talk about Jesus liking hockey... well, that doesn't need explaining... that's just a little slice of heaven falling from the sky and creating a nice smooth sheet of ice.

I guess all said, I shouldn't have to explain myself here. If someone reads something here and feels some sort of negative energy from it... like a bad movie, an unattractive naked person, or a lime greem leisure suit... stop looking at it.

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Jana said...

I've always interpreted your entire life out of context. That's what makes it so amusing!