Monday, April 02, 2007

The Need for Validation

Everyone seems to need to feel validated in some way. Everyone needs that small bit of "you're special." But why? Why do we feel like less because other people don't tell us we should feel like more? I say it's all crap. I rock. I know it's true... you know it's true... but see, I'm tired of waiting on you to tell me. So I from now on...
"Yes Lacey?"
"You are the coolest chick I know. When guys don't see that it's because they are too busy measuring their little man bits to notice."
"Lacey, I think you are pretty cool too. And when your boss yells at you it's only because your aura is blinding him and he has to yell because he can't see you are standing so close."
"Oh Lacey, that's so nice of you! I do have a bright shiny aura. And Lacey..."
"When you are at home alone, it's not because people didn't want to invite you, it's because they feared rejection because you are so socially swamped and super amazing that they were sure you wouldn't come."
"Lacey, I have often times thought that was the case. I feel so warm and fuzzy and validated now."

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