Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Too Small to Fill the Hole in My Neck

A few weeks back I had a pitty party about the lack of a monster in my box and a few other such woes... since then, I had a small drain hole cut in my neck to let some icky infection come out and and I have been reduced to hillbilly holes where two of teeth used to be... now the lack of a monster in my box seems like such a small problem it wouldn't even fill the hole in my neck... which at this point is a very small hole.

I have in fact decided that if the other day when I blew my nose it was broccoli cheese soup that came out... it was a blessing... those are calories that I didn't injest... and really what harm is there in soup coming out my nose?

I am over Paul. Pity-party-Lacey thought otherwise, but healthy-went-to-the-driving-range-doesn't-need-a-monster-in-her-box-painted-her-fingernails-bought-flowers-for-her-patio-Lacey is over him. That Lacey remembers breakup number one... two... and three. And after all, they do say third time's a charm right?

I am going shopping to remedy the lack of cute go-to-the-bar-and-dance-like-a-maniac tops in my closet... and I am also buying a new suit... saw it last weekend and now it's on sale. It's like God wants me to go shopping and he is giving me signs... 25% off signs. Thanks for the guidance.
For the whole "I have been lying to myself about the dryer shrinking my clothes"... turns out the dryer has been shrinking my clothes. I picked up my dry cleaning and that stuff fits just fine... if it's not a wee bit baggy. Sweet.

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