Wednesday, January 16, 2008


The strong man who never faltered and always loved the water:Just before Christmas an amazing friend and great man left this world by his own choosing. I do not pretend to know why nor do I judge. I don't know what was in his heart or the sadness he must have felt. I know that he was tired. He had a moment when he felt completely lost. We've all had them, but most of us recover.

The always joyful man who never ran out of laughter or faith: Another friend and great man left this world in December not by his own hand but at the hand of another. He opened his home and his heart to a person in need and to repay his kindness that person took his life. I know that my friend was a man of great faith and he was doing what he knew was right. He was not lost. His heart was open and he loved unconditionally.

The patiently quiet man who served as a rock and a teacher:Last night a friend and great man left this world not by anyone's hand, but suddenly and without explanation. He worked hard, gave freely of his time to help others, always found time to let his wife and daughter know they came first. He wasn't sick. He was just called home.

Last night I thought I had gained perspective, but today my heart is just filled with sadness. I am getting numb. I am turning inward because I don't think anyone understands right now, though they try.

But I will be okay.
I will pray.
I will cry.
I will sing.
I will paint.
I will grow.
I will smile.
I will be a better friend.
And I will move on, but not forget the love these men shared and the friends they were to me.

It’s Been a While... But I’m Still Funny

Or not... I've had a rough couple weeks, but had the blessing of seeing people that I missed more than I realized. You always realize things when you see people. So I would like to share the things that I realized during a few funerals I've been to since Christmas...

1. That guy you thought you would marry when you were only ten... well it's not true what they say about people changing. That guy is still hot and he is still going to marry you. He just doesn't realize it yet.

2. Celebrations of Life trump funerals anyday.

3. Brinkworth's hair, still wet, still long, still soft, still yummy.

4. Guys named Chris always finds gorgeous women and all gorgeous women love to be found by guys named Chris. Lucky bastards.

5. People are amazing... and amazingly valuable. Be it because they make you laugh during really hard times or give you a hard time to make you laugh.

6. Don't worry if the guy you hearted in the fourth grade doesn't dig you. There's always the guy who when you were 16 and he was 25 wasn't all that appealing but now that you're 28 and he's 27... well... as I said don't worry about the other guy, this guy has potential to be hearted as well.

7. Pretty people stay pretty. And ugly people... well they have a 50/50 shot of coming out on top. I'm pulling for you uglies... I too was one of you. But now... clearly I'm hot.

Okay... That's all for now... Cause it's late, I'm getting old, and work comes a might bit early (that was the 85 year old in me coming out).