Sunday, April 27, 2008

First Date, Pizza and Wine

Denver is just as funny in real life and my verbal filter was just as absent. So for tonight I will count the reasons that if I were him I wouldn't call me again...

1. Today I talked to him about the following:
- My opinions on welfare
- Vacation plans that include alligators and wild hogs
- Cooties
- Ex boyfriends
- Religion
- The notion that booze leads to sex
- Wiccans
- Homosexuality
- Blah blah blah... you see the problem

2. I touched his hands abruptly across the table for the purpose of explaining something only to pull away as abruptly. Though I didn't want to, I thought he wanted me to. So, just like a girl, I way over thought the whole thing.

3. I made him pay. I mean, I offered to pay, but I had already told him something about someone else not paying, so while I really would have (cause I think he's a super decent guy), I think he felt like he had to. Dang the verbal filter.

So will he call? Who knows. I guess we'll find out soon enough.


jenn said...

so did he call??

Lacey said...

He emailed to say there was no "chemistry".