Wednesday, April 30, 2008


In my email (as if I don't get enough junk about viagra, putting some money from Africa in my bank account, etc) today was reminder about an event that I have no desire to attend. For the sake of shortening the email, I will only include the high points and a short commentary on why I am not impressed.

1. Join Suburban Northwest Kiwanis
-I'm not in kiwanis and don't want to be.
2. ...and our friends from the Dallas Cowboys, Dallas Stars and Texas Rangers
-Kiwanis has friends with the Cowboys, Stars and Ranger? Sure they do... wink wink
3. $10 donation at the door includes:
-$10 to go to a bar that never has a cover? That's a genius way to get people to come.
4. Great hors d'oeuvres and non-alcoholic beverages 'til 9pm
-So now I get "great" appetizers and water that technically cost me $10.
5. ...and drink specials until 11pm
-The same they usually have without the $10 cover and the Kiwanis people?
6. Silent auction of awesome prizes
-I get to spend more money? How could anyone not want to go??? Who does this even benefit? No one know.
7. AND Mingling with professional athletes from the Dallas Cowboys, Dallas Stars and Texas Rangers!
-This part could be my biggest complaint. The Stars were playing that night as were the Rangers... so do I have to leave the bar that I paid $10 to come in when I could have gone the next night for free and drive to the ballpark or downtown to the AAC to do this mingling? Don't promise garbage like this if you can't deliver. As someone who spent a number of years working in sports, frankly I'm a bit disgusted. This was also mentioned in the email subject line.
8. 100% of proceed benefit... and where the need is the greatest.
-So my original issue of not knowing where the money was going... mystery not solved.
9. In Kiwanis, "WE BUILD!"
-Build what? Emails full of crap?

Now I was tempted to leave the name and phone number that were on the original email, but even I don't have that much of a mean streak. Besides, I'm sure the "fans" who didn't realize the Stars and Rangers were playing already let said person have it when they got the bar and could only mingle with the televisions that were showing the games and thus the players.

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