Friday, May 23, 2008

You may think you need one, but you don't.

The old door worked just fine. But there I was with new door. I thought it might be interesting down the line, and in fact it was... but not ina good way. New door is hung up on his old door and doesn't have it in him to be direct. Grab the knob, turn, open. Direct.

I'm not lookng for someone as blunt as I can be at times, but at least be able to speak your mind without looking like you feel complete shame that you've spoken. Why didn't I notice the first time we went out? Must have been the beer...

To clarify though, if new door finds a girl with a new door who is also hung up on her old door and unable to speak freely, they will do well. After all, new door is nice. Just a little too nice.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

What is wrong with people?

So after a 4 hour flight, enjoying my my seat in 30E (that's the middle seat at the back of the bus for you kids that don't fly a lot) having spent the majority of the time being kicked by the small child behind me and having the lady in front of me bounce around in her way too reclined seat... the woman next to me asks if she can get out of her spacious window seat (no kid behind her, no reclined seat in front of her) because "I can tell you're not in a hurry." To which I (probably a little bit on the bitchy side said, "well, I'm not in a hurry to stand up in a half croutched position just to wait on the 90 people in front of us to get off the plane. I'll stand up when it's our turn." She says, "Well, I AM in a hurry." So being the kind of loving person I am, I replied sweetly, "well, you're already standing in a half croutched position, so mission accomplished." Needless to say I didn't let her crawl over me just to sit in the seat on the other side of me since clearly the aisle was full. What an idiot. Has she never flown before? Behind us a few rows a mom was telling her 4-5 year old that we had to wait our turn and explaining why they weren't getting off the plane. I wanted to look at the crazy lady next to me and say, "Are you listening? She's talking to you too."

Monday, May 12, 2008

Cheesy Quiz for a Girl Who Can't Sleep

  • I am listening to: The AC, CSI Miami, and Koda having a dream and making that little dog noise...
  • Maybe I should : Try to go to sleep again... or try to stay up until tomorrow and then work all day, takes me back to college days... or maybe I should go to the store and get some ice cream. I love ice cream.
  • I wish: there was some cheap AND easy way to rid myself of unwanted body hair permanently.
  • Chocolate: is good when it's dark and not good (or real) when it's white.
  • I have lost my respect for: the owners of my last employer
  • The meaning of my display name is: umm... it's my name.
  • Right now I'm craving: cuddle time... I'm pretty impartial as to who with, but that being said, call before you come in case you fall into the no column.
  • Someday: the world will run out of beef.
  • I will always remember: my name. Unless I have some terrible accident affecting my brain. But if I can't remember my name, I will have other more pressing issues.
  • Tomorrow: is technically Tuesday.
  • I get annoyed: when people use poor grammar and when men (who are way less than attractive) say that they aren't interested in a girl because she's not super hot. Look in the mirror boys. Most of the time when you see a couple walking down the street, the girl is more attractive than the guy.
  • Is your hair wet? Actually, yes.
  • Do you miss someone? I don't guess.
  • Are you wearing chap stick? Nope.
  • Are you tired? Yes, but I can't seem to get to sleep
  • Are you wearing pajamas? sorta. I don't really do the pajama thing. I do the shorts/sweats and a tshirt thing.
  • Are you mad? yes. Mad cow.
  • Are you upset? About what? Whay do you ask? Should I be upset? Did you do something to me?
  • Last phone call? My mom called me to say she was at my nana's house.
  • Last time you cried? last week, but only for half a second.
  • Last hug? Hmmm... yesterday.
  • Ever dated someone twice? Who hasn't made that mistake?
  • Been cheated on? Who hasn't had that pleasure?
  • Been over-seas? Sure.
  • Lost someone close? Like at the mall when you can find someone? Yes.
  • Three favorite colors: Red white and blue cause I love America. Wait I meant green, gold and purple cause I love Mardi Gras. Wait... I meant...
  • Have you made a new friend this month? Sure, sure.

Friday, May 09, 2008

The End of Queen Ann's

Last night I decided to put things to bed. While I am okay with avoiding difficult things, it just seems immature to not say anything. I tried to call Queen Ann's last night but didn't leave a message when he didn't answer (I don't think the "I'm just not that into you" conversation is something you should have in a voicemail. Funny thing is, Queen Ann's thinks it's the kind of conversation you have in an email.

So here it is "I want to be honest with you. I enjoy your company and feel we have several common interest, but I haven't felt any kind of connection beyond a friendship."

What Queen Ann's doesn't realize is, I'm not even sure we could be friends.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Once Was Enough, Thanks Anyway

Today I was standing chatting with a colleague of mine about vacation, psychs, visa candidates, etc. One of the girls from human resources was taking an interviewee on a tour of the office and they walked right by me. I turned just in time to see Mr. I've Jumped Out of a Million Planes and I'm Going to be President of a Professional Sports Team Soon Even Though I Have No Experience at All in Anything Other Than Being a Douche Bag Mike.

Yes, the Mike who started working at the Tornado last May. The same guy that told me if we both had guns, he would shoot me first. The same guy that wouldn't work with me alone because he didn't want his wife to get the wrong idea. The same guy that thought the only reason women could sell was because they used their sexuality to somehow trick people into buying things. The same guy that more than doubled overhead while the sales (which he was responsible for) took a dive. The same guy that lied to customers, gave some fans things for free and some fans discounts while telling other fans that we don't do that. The same that encouraged his sales staff to lie about what was prospected business so he could get the write off commission off them. The same guy who on his first day asked us to stick together like family (sales staff) and no longer stick with the people we had worked with all along (MC, Cheeks, etc). Do I need to go on?

So apparently after everything, he wants to work with me again... for old times sake. I'm sure because it was so much for both of us the first time around.

To make a long story short, I started sweating, got all kinds of sick to my stomach, talked to my boss, went to lunch to hide out and get it back together, came back and...

Things had been taken care of. The people who had never told me to be their family supported me like family. Mike won't be getting a call back. It's unfortunate that he drove all the way from Little Elm to Irving and wasted time interviewing, but frankly... what goes around...

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Second Date: Hiking

So I went hiking with Queen Ann's on Saturday morning. He couldn't keep up. He kept blaming it on his dog. I felt like he was more interested in stopping to eat than hiking.

To make matters worse, there were tons of hot guys out there without chicks. And there I am with Queen Ann's. Hot guy going by, not so hot guy with me, another hot guy going by, not so hot guy with me... it made for a tediously long walk.

This just isn't going anywhere. It isn't comfortable for me and it can't be comfortable for him. The non confrontational person in me hopes this goes away on its own.

Friday, May 02, 2008

First Date: Flying Saucer

It has to be a good sign when a guy wants to meet at the Saucer right?

So new door was funny and very nice. Not much to share here... We sat and chatted for almost three hours and really enjoyed each other's company. Nothing funny to share, but this one could end up being interesting down the line.