Friday, November 14, 2008

The Experiment

The stigma of being single has never been of particular concern to me. Being single is for the most part when I am at my best. I have historically been the type who gets into a relationship and immediately allows my neurotic need for 1950's sitcom love (you know the kind with the perfect relationship and twin beds) to lead me to a place where I lose sight of reality entirely. Where as when I'm single I slide more into the sitcom's of the 90's where it's okay to be single because without awkward dates what is there to laugh at?

Here I am a few short months from my 29th birthday. Most people have their breakdown (for lack of a better term) at 30. So why now? Pro activity. There is no point in waiting for the slide into my 30s, the decade in which I might become a cougar, when I can be proactive at 29 thus avoiding the horror of compulsive workouts and long nights at Martini Park hoping against hope that some 22 year old guy finds me attractive. Or at least attractive enough to take me home expecting gratification which he no doubt will not return.

Out of my pension for pro activity spawns the plan. The plan of all plans. So good (at least in theory) that there is no way to pass it up.

2009. 29 years old. 29 first dates. All before 2/9. It's doable... with help.

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~Tx Hunnie~ said...

I think this is a creative and fun way to meet new guys!! Best of luck to you!!