Friday, November 21, 2008

First Tucson Ride

We met downstairs early this morning for a quick ride. Seemed a simple enough plan. Make sure everything on your bike is in good working order. Do a quick 10-15 mile loop. Come back for breakfast.

After training alone for months, the thing that has made me the most nervous throughout this was the idea of riding so close to other people. So this morning would be a very small warm up to that (20 people today, 9000 people tomorrow).

Not but ten minutes later the group was split at a light change. I unclipped, stopped, and surprisingly (for the lack of notice on the stopping) did not fall. Small victory. I was happy to be riding with the team and felt comfortable with the people around me.

Green light.

I gave a strong down pedal with my clipped in foot too soon. I couldn't get the other foot clipped and was too close to the person in front of me. Crossed tires. Over correct and guarantee a fall or don't and possibly knock us both down... over correct.

So down I go... into traffic. I saw a grey vehicle above my head, heard screeching tires, felt a burn in my elbow and a jarring sensation in my head.

"Did we hit her!?!"

No. Just a little burn on my elbow and a headache (minimized by the helmet).

It scared me, but I knew I had to get back on and ride. We cut the ride short, but it was good. I feel ready. I have my fall out of the way and can look forward to staying upright tomorrow.

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