Wednesday, November 19, 2008

You know you want it... come and get it

So I know you are all dying to read about the most pathetic set of dates ever... well kids, your wait is over. I am doing a little human experiment that will likely result in either my falling in love (1% chance), my getting an incurable disease (1% chance because I'm a prude and mono is curable), or my being completely humiliated by some sham of a date with a guy twice my age that I met online (98% chance).

So the only thing is that you have to visit my blogspot page at Not because I want things to be difficult for you, on the contrary. You can subsribe to the page in the upper right hand corner and read away without your boss knowing you are online. Besides, I don't want some crazy stumbling upon the blog and being able to see my awesome luchador (super cool Mexican wrestling) photo and falling in love with me through Myspace. Let's be real, I'm just that irresistible.

So check out the blog. Feel free to comment, suggest dates, critique, and laugh it up with your coworkers. At this point it's clear, I have no shame and will do anything to amuse myself and my friends.

Looking forward to falling in love with you,


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