Sunday, January 04, 2009

Date 1: The Son of a Preacher Man

Text messages and emails lead up to date #1. Just 15 minutes before we met, a quick phone call.

"Where do you want to grab lunch?"
"I don't really have a preference."
"Pei Wei?"

I was a little concerned with the upcoming events despite the warm up I had on New Years. I was still feeling pretty dang rusty. Maybe I should have drunkenly made out with someone last week to gear up. Ming tells me I could easily find something inappropriate like that on Craigslist (SWF Looking to Make Out, No strings, Just Trying to Knock the Rust Off, It is not okay to email this poster with... ). Then at least I wouldn't be feeling so self conscious about… well… everything. Do I look okay? Should I have worn something else? Remember, don’t talk about marriage, kids, ex boyfriends, work, home improvement, anything medical, the weird things about your family, Koda, politics, religion, sexuality, the economy… But what does that leave?

So, I learned a very important lesson and stumbled across a potential bump that I didn’t originally anticipate on official date #1. Lesson: If you repeatedly tell yourself not to mention something, you will. Potential Bump: What if I like one of the guys before I get through 29?

Link is the son of a pastor, but that's not how the song goes. But thanks to Yahoo Answers (not the most scholarly source) I know that a preacher is a proclaimer of the word of God while a Pastor is the shepherd of a flock, that is the leader of a church. Good to know. That will come in handy should I ever have the opportunity to meet said pastor. Not that I would. That's not the proper progression from Pei Wei to pastor.

Link has an easy nature and relaxed voice. From NASCAR country out in Tennessee, he says things with an ease that make stupid things fall out of a girl's mouth like, "my husband" and "I meet people I've never before all the time" and "I can't call someone named Richard Dick if they are a jerk, it makes me feel like I'm calling them a dick instead of just Dick."

Surprisingly after I made him listen to my prattle for hours (yes plural) he actually asked me if I wanted to watch the game with him. Next tiny bump, he knows next to nothing about hockey and I am certain "the game" is code for some football game that I should be aware of which I'm not. No worries, I politely decline as I have to finish building a bed and schedule a lunch date for later in the week.

Tiny bump number three... how will I squeeze in repeat dates while still having time for 29 firsts?


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