Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Date 1.2: Son of a Preacher Man

Mexican food dates.

For some reason, even at 29, I still flash back to my first date with Scott Luney in high school. We ate at Nino's, saw Father of the Bride Part II and looked at Christams lights in Ski Island... the year, 1995. Would Scott feel flattered that I remember so many details of our date? Not likely. The only detail that probably sticks out in his mind it the moment when he walked me into my front yard. Just 15 feet from my front door standing in the grass just off the sidewalk, Scott tried to kiss me. "It's cold out here!" I blutered out as I ran for the door dodging what would have been the first kiss associated with an actual car date, instead that distinction was gained by a bass player with long black hair and a European sports car. I should add, that was my first AND last date with Scott. He didn't call again.

So there I sat across from Link feeling just as insecure as I was at 15.

He is really nice. I'm pretty sure I've already said that though. And at the exact moment that we parted ways to go back to work I felt great about things. But every single nano second that has passed since has made me question how the lunch went. When you both have something in one hand and you go to leave, what is the proper protocol? I thought it was a one armed hug, cause who kisses after lunch in broad daylight? (asked the obviously more prude than she thought she was girl.)

So how long did it take before I was certain that he was probably disgusted by me? Maybe 5 minutes. Why do girls do this to themselves and do we ever stop.

Will squeezing multiple dates into the month make me less sensistive to the inner awkward girl... or will it make me more aware or the outer awkward girl?

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