Saturday, February 14, 2009

Date 18: It Never Happened

To be more accurate, it did happen, just not for me.

We talked about going out a few times. We just never could quite make the connection. Besides, he made me promise not to write about my date with him, which makes the whole prospect of going on a date far less exciting. So why the post? Because if there was no legitimate dating, I can write about the lack of dating and not feel bad about myself. Semantics.

We finally got our ducks in a row a few bar nights back. Then he hit on my friend the triathlete. While I was sitting there. He put his hand on the back of her chair. He focused the conversation on her. When I mentioned it after the fact, he said something to the affect of "you were having fun, but she wasn't so we felt like we needed to pay more attention to her so she wouldn't make you leave."

Happy birthday to me because apparently he thinks I was born yesterday.

I am hopeless when it comes to the idea that there is the tiniest chance that I will one day be swept off my feet by a man who kisses me awake, I will shrug off my mermaid tail and fit my new foot into a glass slipper and we'll learn that it's not about looks but rather living in a world where everyone sings about everything and we'll live happily ever after.

I know that's not whre this was going. He was just trying to help me fill my quota, but it still stung a smidge.

Then valentine's day rolled around. Again we go out. Again he says, "don't write about me." I'm sensing that the reason he doesn't want to be written about is because he's about to pick up another chick while we're at the bar and pawn me off on one of his friends. Hahaha... kidding. Who would do that in real life?

Oh wait... this guys would.

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