Wednesday, August 12, 2009

31.5: Wayne's Wine Bar Doesn't Have Bad Mojo After All

London and I had another proper date night, this time at Wayne's Wine Bar (you remember, the place that I used to like a lot more, but then I had a few bad dates there... the pepper in my teeth date and the date where I was far more interested in the guitarist than the date date. I was certain though that if there was a way to break this cycle it would be with London.

We enjoyed great wine and great food. Wayne told us of the trouble with gay men who like large hands, the Main Street Bakery Staff was good for a laugh, and there was a very unfortunate woman waiting for her husband, sort of.

She was loudly discussing in a somewhat slurred voice that she was interested in going home with someone other than her husband because he simply didn't satify her. Apparnetly they weren't frequenting that activity ofen enough for her. So an awkward fellow sitting at the bar offered his services.

"I'm sure I could take care of that, but you're married."

"No thanks... I want to be with a woman. I'm a lesbian."

Okay, she's married but thinks she's a lesbian. I think she's just drunk. Either way, she spotted me. I'm not sure what about me looks like I'd be down with getting it on with a married chick, but regarless I was saved because as she told the entire place why she wanted to go home with me and what she wanted, despite London sitting beside me and not being a part of her plan... her husband walked up behind her. Yikes.

Either way, London and I left shortly after that mess and enjoyed an evening on the deck. Another great night. :)

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