Thursday, November 05, 2009

Art. Art? And Dallas Society

When I worked in sports I had the benefit of free tickets to different sporting events. The Greek Goddess has better perks. She enjoys events graced by women in shoes that cost more than my house payment each month… Dallasites. Not the new era of Dallasites where anyone willing to spend $15 on a mixed drink and wear pastels gets to call themselves part of the club, but old school Dallasites- these people have money.

Art + Advocacy is a charity event held in a swank office space (where the Greek Goddess works when she is not in the Northlands under the watchful eyes of JCP) near Deep Ellum. There was great food, wine, champagne, music, an auction, fabulous shoes, trashy (yet expensive) clothes, and more people watching than you can shake a stick at.

The Greek Goddess helped me get dressed (thankfully), loaned me some tights (which I need to return, and taught me how to put on lipstick (I know, I’m almost 30 and had no idea) before we headed to the event. She has regaled me with tales of a severely intoxicated woman with a pension for petit fours from the year before so I was pumped.

We made our way through the room, looking at the various pieces up for auction, grabbed a few drinks and settled in to stare. The Greek Goddess left me alone for what was likely only a few minutes, but long enough for me to meet one of the “artists”.

++++Brief aside++++
This looks far better in photo than the “artist” could have wished for it to look in person... Hence “Artist”

This was fabulous both in person and in photo... hence artist without snarky quotes.

Earlier in the evening the Greek Goddess had pointed out a particularly disappointing Pollock knockoff, so imagine my delight to find that I was speaking with that very “artist”. She slurred that she liked my dress. She asked if I was an artist since my outfit was “too creative” to just be an outfit. I told her I was not an “artist” though I refrained from pointing out that I was an artist without snarky quotes, just not one displaying anything there. She loudly asked if my purple and black Ironman Timex was a statement of some kind and without giving me time to respond decreed that she just
loved it.

You see these sorts of drunk people on television, but rarely in real life. Head swaying from side to side, talking steps like her shoes are made of lead, laughing at everything, taking pictures with everyone. It was classic.

When the Greek Goddess returned I am certain (though she would never admit it, even to herself) that she was terribly jealous of my new friend. Who doesn't want to be friends with the woman who never painted before last year but her hairdressers brother was part of the planning committee and asked her to donate a piece and he would make sure it got it and since it sold they asked her to donate another piece this year? Well. Hmm. If we had known it was that easy.

So to wrap up a very long and exciting evening (which ended with the Greek Goddess and I looking like we might be on a late night lesbian date in Lakewood- Hell yes, my date was kick ass), we are so finding a way to get out artwork into next year's event even if it means I have to leave my orgasmic, head-massaging, ear rubbing, sexy hairdresser from the same one this lady uses (which based on the hairdresser's haircut I've seen, the hairdresser is an "artist" too).

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Anonymous said...

Oh, you so forgot about said "artist's" parents being at the soiree. I think they were just as shocked as us about the whole thing, too. Not to mention the guy of questionable standing in the fabulous overprinted pinstriped suit. (I know you wanted those pants for yourself.)

Also, for note, my date was kickass.

Greek Goddess (Can we updated this to Norse Goddess? I don't think any branch of my family ever stayed in the Mediterranean area longer than a good raid.)