Sunday, November 01, 2009

Date 27.2: Wedding Date

At the last minute before the wedding of the decade, I started feeling that total discomfort that comes with going to a wedding without a date so I emailed Bus Trip fishing for information... was he going, who was he going with, did he want to ride together?

I swung by his place to pick him up. I stood in the dining area putting on fishnets while he stood near by working with his cuff links. It was a very standard scene... for people who live together. For us though, it's a little strange.

The wedding was beautiful the reception was great, but...

Since we did not RSVP as a pair we were not seated together. This gave me time to catch up with other people though and to have a moment that rivals the one with Bus Trip when we had the eHarmony conversation. I was at a table with another of my eHarmony matches. I swear the number of people eHarmony wanted me to love that I already knew in real life and didn't have a spark with is comparable to the national debt.

I didn't see much of Bus Trip after that. I danced with messenger bag (who makes more of an appearnace later), listened to a great band... again with messenger bag, and chatted with some randoms out for halloween.

All told, it was an interesting eveing filled with men to look at... but look only.

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