Sunday, May 09, 2010

Coming Out of Hibernation

Where has the time gone!?!

After so many horrible (and ill conceived) dates last year, I guess I just needed a break. A looooooooooooooooooong break.

Now I'm back. But taking a very different approach to dating than the whirlwind of 2009. Let's be honest, something about going on multiple dates with multiple people each week leaves you wanting more. And it's acceptable for a drunk girl in her 20s. Now that I'm a sober thirty, it seems a little trashier. Yes, you're right. It was trashy last year too. But the kind of girl who throws up at a professional sporting event, doesn't concern herself with these sorts of things.

A few weeks back, AggieTri mentioned that she had a friend she wanted me to meet. This came up in the midst of discussing last year's dating shenanigans, so I honestly didn't take it too seriously. Whatever. I'll meet the Gingerneer.

Go ahead set it up. After PtCtA wrecking my cruiser, how bad could it be?

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