Monday, May 24, 2010

Okay, Time for Girl Talk

Brace yourself it’s a long one…

So here is the gist of this past Friday’s events, the few hitches leading up to it, and the subsequent emails.

As I mentioned a few weeks back, AggieTri wanted to set me up with her nerdy, pale, ginger, computer engineer friend- so with all that said- yum! Gingerneer... Just my type.

The plan was to go dancing or to dinner, just a few people, so we could meet in a non threatening setting… then it turned into a larger group going dancing… then it turned into a larger group with a lot of solo ladies. Drat. We all know I don't like competing for a man that I don't even know. (Haha... I said "man")

So, I get to Cowboys Red River (yes, ladies, I met him at a country dance hall) and The Duchess of Velo is dancing with her friend (who doesn't deserve a name at this point...), AggieTri is with her boyfriend, AggieTri’s coworker is with her boyfriend, Another single woman- who happens to be from OKC and knows a lot of the swimmers that I know, even though she’s 40 is hanging solo, and Gingerneer isn’t there yet. A few more couples joined the group and brought along a seriously creepy single guy.

So when Gingerneer shows up, Velo's friend is immediately all over him. It’s like watching a giraffe on ice skates. Awkward. On top of that the pungent odor of desperate single females starts to rise off the single ladies' man hungry bodies.


I don’t have the energy or the desire to duke it out for a guy I’ve not even met, so I just go about my evening.

A few times, I considered talking to him, but other single ladies were glued to him. I was starting to wonder if he was the last single, gainfully employed man in the metro and I had somehow missed the memo. I shook off the feeling of frustration and reminded myself that I looked too cute to be bummed (red button up, white skirt, boots- quite the visual). I danced with a few random men and a few times with AggieTri’s boyfriend. I considered riding the mechanical bull, but the skirt and my better judgment kicked in. I drank my water and did the Cupid Shuffle. Very busy evening.

After the other ladies had fully monopolized Gingerneer and rubbed their scent all over him with constant excuses to touch him (the chest touch when they laughed, the arm touch during conversation, the arm around his waist for no freaking reason at all, the getting him to dance with them), Velo and her friend bailed around 10:45pm.

2 single ladies down, 1 to go.

AggieTri and her boyfriend stayed for a bit chatting with us, one of the other couples was still around for a while until the girl looked like she might puke. Then everyone left except me, OKC40, and Gingerneer.

Since there were three of us left at the end, no one really danced (horrible to leave one person alone, and it's not like I'm a stellar dancer... in fact it's just plain awful). We just chatted and what not for a while. Around 1, I said I need to go and the consensus was that everyone was leaving (not just us- the place was dead quiet by then… maybe 4 couples dancing and a handful standing around). We went outside and I paused to talk to Gingerneer. I thought for half a second he might walk me to my car, but then OKC40 said, “I thought you were parked by me.”

Instantly, we were a threesome again. I felt like I was competing with EVERYONE for 5 minutes to actually talk to him. So… we stood outside and talked for ages until finally OKC40 looked like she was going to fall asleep/pass out and she headed for her car. Finally… mission accomplished. Alone.

Now it gets… interesting?

So Gingerneer is telling me that he was supposed to be meeting one of AggieTri's friends… Velo… but he felt cornered by her and her friend… then they were having awkward conversation and they were making him guess what Velo did for a living, but he already knew so he had to play along. He said he’s not used to getting some much attention from women, so he went with it, but he wished they hadn’t monopolized so much of his time. I was a trooper and avoided the urge to ask him what he thought of her or to say, “oh, I thought you were here to meet me…”

So… moving forward… we discussed facebook stalking each other and that we should both work on our dance skills, but that we had fun talking. We hugged (awkwardly as two nerdy people would, though I’m certain the stars aligned as our pasty skin met) and headed our separate ways. I was kicking myself a bit for not embracing my 19 year old self and just kissing him and seeing what happened, but I’m just not that person anymore… or that perpetually drunk.

So I call the Cruise Director and wake her up for a pep talk. This gives me the nerve to message him and the strength to wait until Saturday. I said that I had fun and would like to hang out with him sometime, perhaps go dancing (I promised to practice), and get to know each other. Completely non committal in regard to what capacity I meant friends/dating/hit it and quit it/none of the above/all of the above… Which I will deduct a point from my awesomeness because of… but not entirely, because next time I see him will be after CapTex and perhaps I’ll have half a glass of wine and go CRAZY- clearly I’m a total light weight. Either way, he wrote me back (huge sigh of relief as that is the first step to overcoming the uncomfortable feeling that he will never speak to me again). He said he enjoyed chatting, will work on his single-chicks-other-than-Lacey evading skills, was sorry we only danced together once, and wants to dance with me again.

And thus… I have a very mini crush. The kind you get after meeting someone once… kinda wishing you had the nerve to kiss them just to see what it’s like, probably okay if you never saw them again since you barely know them, but amused with their smart sense of humor, digging their pale skin and impeccable teeth, and completely turned on by the computer engineering/processor speak… if he starts into calc/diffy-q/physics speak, I would certainly be the easiest lay… ever.

Feedback from AggieTri- This is like being on that VH1 show, Tough Love, where they review the tape of your dates and critique them and give you feedback. So, my social anxiety came in handy. Because I didn’t try to make my presence known in an aggressive way like some others, it worked in my favor... if only he could read this bit of neurotic writing... quickest way to scare any man off? Give him my blog address.

We are getting together for another group function after this weekend. Perhaps after that I will have the nerve to go solo dating. We’ll see.

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