Thursday, June 17, 2010

Flying Solo

Take of the training wheels kids, I’m finally on a solo dinner date with Gingerneer. I said I would be late, then I was early, then he was on time… mostly. He was actually 2 minutes late. I would never have noticed, but he pointed it out and apologized. Consistently courteous. Check!

We met at Taco Diner near our offices. It worked well since we live in different directions. The central location gives us more time to hang out and doesn’t give anyone home court advantage. Surprisingly, he had never been to Taco Diner (he grew up in DFW- so this is a strange realization)… but he won brownie points when I asked him where he usually ate Tex-Mex. Chuy’s. Ay dios mio! Yo amo Chuy’s! It’s my favorite too. I feel like the stars have aligned in this very moment.

We talked for hours about all sorts of things, but the most memorable part of the conversation caused a break in my plan. Yes, I had a plan. There was a kiss involved in my plan. But the best laid plans…

Earlier this week, I got a fortune cookie from the Thai place by the bike shop. Two of my favorite places side by side equal obvious cosmic balance. “An unexpected event will soon make your life more exciting.” I taped the fortune to my monitor at work and took a deep breath. I’m not big on surprises. If I’m going to kiss him, I’m going to be ready, and he’s going to think I’m amazing.

Back to the dinner conversation. We were discussing how interesting it is when people meet at the bar and sleep together a few hours later. Whatever floats your boat. But at 30, it seems a lot more inappropriate than it is in college. Again, I’m not saying it’s wrong and I’m not condoning it, it’s just what we happened to be talking about. So he says something to the effect of “first you have the one arm hug, then a full hug, then a kiss on the cheek, then a peck on the lips…” Then I quit listening.

One arm hug? We skipped that. Full on, though awkward hug was had in lieu of the one arm job.

Full hug? We’ve done that. More than once. I like his hugs but they make me think inappropriate things. REALLY inappropriate things.

Kiss on the cheek? Oh my. That hasn’t happened. Wrench in the plans. Danger! Danger!

This is the unexpected event. Exciting is not how I would describe this. This is a mess. Now I know there is no kiss in my future this evening. Sad face.

The evening goes on and he is so great that I forget about the kiss situation, resign myself to another full frontal hug.

Nearly three hours later, I decide it’s time to face the hug. Resign myself to the friend zone. Embrace my the lack of lip locking. Commit myself to a life of celibacy. No big deal. I’ll be a spinster. Sigh…

We walked toward our cars and the awkward dance began.

Do I hug him?

Will he hug me?

Will I still get butterflies if this hugging keeps occurring?

Will I have another inappropriate thought?

Oh just hug him Lacey.

Take your cheek kiss and be thankful he had dinner with you.

Accept it Hammons.

Then he kissed me. On the mouth. Ohmygodiwassonervousthatifunmbledmywaythroughitanddartedintomycarasfastaspossibletogetawayfromhimbeforeistartedcryingorturnedthecolorofaclownnosecrapcrapcrapcrapcrap.

I bolted. I am such a wuss.

Gingerneer = great kisser

Lacey = horrible, nervous kisser


Saturday, June 12, 2010

One-and-Two, Three-and-Four, Five-and-Six, Gin-Ger-Neer

If the Gingerneer ever decides to quit his job, he could totally teach at a pre-school. He is SO patient and has amazing skills with repetitive counting. What preschoolers couldn't use that kind of a teacher. Although, then I would have to contend with single moms... and I'm not really down with that.

AggieTri, AT's BF, Gingerneer, Lunchtime Sex, a coworker of mine, my brother, and I went to a dance seminar/pot luck at Gilley's today. They offered progressive double two step, three step, waltz, cha cha, salsa, line dancing, etc. Since we all know how coordinated I am on land, there is no way this wasn't going to go well.

Despite my need to have someone gently kick my toes to remind me to move my feet... or count aloud as I move... or make up silly phrases to remind me what to do... I had so much fun!

Barn dance- greatness. Should I ever get married, we're doing it.

But, that is not the purpose of this post. The purpose is to say that my sweaty palms and butterfly insides might have hindered my dancing, but they did not stop the Gingerneer from being his usual charming self. And again, I'm all smiles.

Gingerneer had to leave early to head out to a bachelor party but offered the possibility of a drunk text later in the day. I would love one... always curious as to what people text when they've been drinking.

One the other hand, drunk texting spelled the absolute end for PtCtA...

Flashback to December 5, 2009, 12:40am:

“Hey what are you up to?”

“In bed”

“Aww I am just getting out of the bar. You sound like you could use some company hah”

“I have to be up at 4am”

“Even a better reason to pull the old school all niter. Sorry for the drunken text then”

I really do not enjoy receiving drunk texts after midnight from people I barely know. I really do not enjoy the implication that I would be someone who would want to be texted for a late night romp by someone who I have yet to hug with both arms who (in case anyone forgot) wrecked my bike last time I saw him. I think I am pretty straight forward. If I want to see you in little to no clothing, I’ll let you know. Otherwise, after these sorts of texts, I’ll just categorize you in the creeper file and cross you off the list of people I take phone calls from.

Yep... there it is. The last post I made about texting and a guy.

Dear Santa, I know it's June, but please help Gingerneer send the right text.


He thinks my hair looked pretty today.

He had fun dancing with me today.

He wants to see me again before he heads out of town next weekend.

He wished me luck on the half marathon tomorrow morning.

He did it all at a respectable hour.

Thanks, Santa. I've got it from here. I'm going to keep enjoying the patient man (who I will learn to dance with eventually) who sends nice texts even from bachelor parties.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Gingerneer- Lesbian Band and Close Face

Last night, we met up at Jack’s Backyard for a benefit concert (small outdoor patio bar with a lesbian rock group raising money to benefit Wounded Warrior Project). There were other people there that we knew, but we sat at a table alone, listened to the band, and talked for a few hours... Crazy. He’s so cute.

And so nice.

And so funny.

And so smart.

And so considerate.

I’m not used to being around guys that are this nice to me... consistently.

It’s all so new and I’m all jittery nervous still… I feel like I’m in high school.

So around 11 something (way past my bedtime), we all head out to our cars. Unfortunately, we immediately have company from our friends who were in the bar. This thwarts any physical... physicalness... physicality... physica- So we awkwardly hug and have a moment of close face before we both retreat. Horrible.

Why so horrible, you ask? Well, after the doubts about him were put in my head on Saturday, I had a moment of what-if-I-don’t-really-even-like-him? Then, later that night, my brain, in a subconscious reconciliation of feelings, produced a very inappropriate dream about him. I’m embarrassed as I type this.




When he hugged me, it was firm.

And intense.

More so than he intended I think.

And I turned super red.

Because I was totally thinking about the dream.

I’m going to hell (one of the lesser circles, but still, I’m mortified at my own behavior and thought process).

So, then I’m on my way home and I’m talking to the Cruise Dirctor with my crazy Lacey faces and wild hand gestures only to realize he is totally next to me in his car. I was MORTIFIED! Ugh! Embarassing because I was telling the Cruise Director about the dream and the hug situation. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I know he couldn’t hear me, but at that moment, I became convinced on some level that he knew exactly what I was thinking. Like some crazy Jedi mind trick he heard me tell her through the noise of downtown Dallas and two car windows.

To recap: went out, had fun, laughed a lot, hugged awkwardly, had an inapporpriate thought- again, was seen sharing said thought with friend.

We’re going out again this weekend. And if you haven’t gathered yet, I really like him.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Gingerneer: Concert in the Garden

Well… This last night went well until we left. Cosmic Brownie (the Cruise Director’s friend) said Gingerneer was a douche* (which he certainly isn’t)... then the Cruise Director said she wasn't sure she liked him either (which she has asked me to forget she ever said, so I've already let it go, but it's very important to understand everything that has transpired). Since they barely spoke to him, what made them think that? And am I just so ready to be in a relationship that I am overlooking something that everyone else sees?

The statement that clears both of these things up is that, either way, I don’t care. I think he’s very nice. He’s considerate, smart, and funny. He didn’t brush me off for days, but checked in today to see how my nana was doing and to say he enjoyed my cheesecake and the company. Sigh...

We comfortably talked about family, school, religion, work, hobbies, etc. There weren’t awkward pauses or uncomfortable moments. When we discovered we worked so close to each other, he immediately suggested lunch sometime... not in that forced way that men sometimes suggest something. In a comfortable, just a thought kind of way.

With group outings though, how will I ever know if he like-likes me or just likes me. It’s going at a nice slow pace, but I don’t want it to go so slow that nothing ever happens... or so slow that I get stuck in the... dare I say it... friend zone.

So to sum up what we know so far…

• Ginger – woohoo!

• Paler than me- I look so tan!

• Likes to run- maybe that will encourage me to get better!

• Likes to cycle- woohoo!

• Engineer- Love nerdy boys!

• Snarky sense of humor- fabulous!

• Impeccable teeth- we all know I’ve always had a thing for nice teeth!

• Oldest of three- not a crazy only child and will understand my sibling angst

• In my age bracket- so very grown up of me

• Gainfully employed- woohoo!

• Likes camping (without electricity)- I’ll bring enough sparks for both of us... hehe.. kidding... or not... if he's into it ;)

• Was in band- One step down in the social hierarchy from orchestra, but I’m not a snob...

• Went to A&M- Athena (in a good way) will like him ;)

• Listens when I talk- yes, I know, I talk a lot so this is a HUGE plus… speaking of huge…

• His hands are massive- You know what they say about big hands… Kidding- Usually I feel like a tranny when I hold hands with someone because my finger are crazy long… this will not be a problem with him

• He likes 80s music- How can you go wrong there?

• He eats fresh fruit and veggies without complaining- woohoo! Our dietary habits shouldn't be too big of a conflicting mess

I think that’s it for now. Feel free to weigh in on the Gingerneer saga at your leisure.

*On a side note, Lunchtime Sex totally had my back on this. Woot.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Gingerneer- The Update

Okay... here we go... the update...

So we’ve been emailing back and forth. Nothing too exciting. He wants to go cycling and dancing sometime. I finally got up the nerve to ask him if he wanted to go with a small group of us to one of the Fort Worth Symphony Concerts in the Garden this weekend. There is some 80s tribute band playing on Saturday. It’s a wine/cheese/picnic/fireworks type event with families, couples, singles, pretty much an even sampling up the middle class and up in Fort Worth.

So... he totally said yes. Like, oh my God. I’m seriously excited. This is going to be awesome to the max.

Well, not really.

So his response is super funny and he seems excited and willing to drive from Dallas to Fort Worth to see me. That has to be good. He even says he might wear jams and Nike basketball shoes to bring the 80s back full force (though I’m certain he’s kidding). But... there is the issue of the single ladies who were a problem last time... dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnnnn.

This weekend at CapTex (which was mismarked, so I swam an extra 300m and limped an extra .4mi), I finally get up the nerve to say something to the Dutchess of Velo about what happened at the bar. But as usual- I am Polly Passive.

“So, remember that guy from the Red River?”

“Yep. Steve.”

“No. Gingerneer.”

“No, his name was Steve.”

“Well, his email says Gingerneer. I’ve been talking to him.”

“REALLY!?! He is SOOO not your type.”

“Well, I’m just getting to know him. It’s no big deal.”

“I talked to him a lot and he is really passive and boring. He doesn’t even have any hobbies outside of work, which I still don’t even know what he does.”

“He’s a computer engineer.”

“Well, he’s still boring.”

“Oh... well, he likes running, camping, cycling, reading, country dancing, a lot of different kinds of music...”

So, I feel like I’m defending him. This exchange goes on for a few minutes. Then she says that her and her friend were being really aggressive with him to see what he would do. She said they like to do that to quiet guys when they are together. She thinks he’s weak because he didn’t stand up to them. I said he was being polite. Either way, it turns out they were intentionally trying to get all over him and then intentionally trying to make him react. Blah.

So... Velo and her friend are coming on Saturday too. That’s the bad news.

The good news is that AggieTri, her boyfriend, the Cruise Director, Lunchtime Sex, and the Swimmer have vowed to fend them off. And Velo knows that I'm actually interested in him and she's a good friend. I'm sure she'll pass along the "be nice" instructions to her partner in crime.

We’ll see.

Le coup de maitre: I am in charge of bringing desserts for the group since I’m off the alcohol completely. What guy could resist that when coupled with my obvious charm? ;)