Sunday, June 06, 2010

Gingerneer: Concert in the Garden

Well… This last night went well until we left. Cosmic Brownie (the Cruise Director’s friend) said Gingerneer was a douche* (which he certainly isn’t)... then the Cruise Director said she wasn't sure she liked him either (which she has asked me to forget she ever said, so I've already let it go, but it's very important to understand everything that has transpired). Since they barely spoke to him, what made them think that? And am I just so ready to be in a relationship that I am overlooking something that everyone else sees?

The statement that clears both of these things up is that, either way, I don’t care. I think he’s very nice. He’s considerate, smart, and funny. He didn’t brush me off for days, but checked in today to see how my nana was doing and to say he enjoyed my cheesecake and the company. Sigh...

We comfortably talked about family, school, religion, work, hobbies, etc. There weren’t awkward pauses or uncomfortable moments. When we discovered we worked so close to each other, he immediately suggested lunch sometime... not in that forced way that men sometimes suggest something. In a comfortable, just a thought kind of way.

With group outings though, how will I ever know if he like-likes me or just likes me. It’s going at a nice slow pace, but I don’t want it to go so slow that nothing ever happens... or so slow that I get stuck in the... dare I say it... friend zone.

So to sum up what we know so far…

• Ginger – woohoo!

• Paler than me- I look so tan!

• Likes to run- maybe that will encourage me to get better!

• Likes to cycle- woohoo!

• Engineer- Love nerdy boys!

• Snarky sense of humor- fabulous!

• Impeccable teeth- we all know I’ve always had a thing for nice teeth!

• Oldest of three- not a crazy only child and will understand my sibling angst

• In my age bracket- so very grown up of me

• Gainfully employed- woohoo!

• Likes camping (without electricity)- I’ll bring enough sparks for both of us... hehe.. kidding... or not... if he's into it ;)

• Was in band- One step down in the social hierarchy from orchestra, but I’m not a snob...

• Went to A&M- Athena (in a good way) will like him ;)

• Listens when I talk- yes, I know, I talk a lot so this is a HUGE plus… speaking of huge…

• His hands are massive- You know what they say about big hands… Kidding- Usually I feel like a tranny when I hold hands with someone because my finger are crazy long… this will not be a problem with him

• He likes 80s music- How can you go wrong there?

• He eats fresh fruit and veggies without complaining- woohoo! Our dietary habits shouldn't be too big of a conflicting mess

I think that’s it for now. Feel free to weigh in on the Gingerneer saga at your leisure.

*On a side note, Lunchtime Sex totally had my back on this. Woot.

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