Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Gingerneer- Lesbian Band and Close Face

Last night, we met up at Jack’s Backyard for a benefit concert (small outdoor patio bar with a lesbian rock group raising money to benefit Wounded Warrior Project). There were other people there that we knew, but we sat at a table alone, listened to the band, and talked for a few hours... Crazy. He’s so cute.

And so nice.

And so funny.

And so smart.

And so considerate.

I’m not used to being around guys that are this nice to me... consistently.

It’s all so new and I’m all jittery nervous still… I feel like I’m in high school.

So around 11 something (way past my bedtime), we all head out to our cars. Unfortunately, we immediately have company from our friends who were in the bar. This thwarts any physical... physicalness... physicality... physica- So we awkwardly hug and have a moment of close face before we both retreat. Horrible.

Why so horrible, you ask? Well, after the doubts about him were put in my head on Saturday, I had a moment of what-if-I-don’t-really-even-like-him? Then, later that night, my brain, in a subconscious reconciliation of feelings, produced a very inappropriate dream about him. I’m embarrassed as I type this.




When he hugged me, it was firm.

And intense.

More so than he intended I think.

And I turned super red.

Because I was totally thinking about the dream.

I’m going to hell (one of the lesser circles, but still, I’m mortified at my own behavior and thought process).

So, then I’m on my way home and I’m talking to the Cruise Dirctor with my crazy Lacey faces and wild hand gestures only to realize he is totally next to me in his car. I was MORTIFIED! Ugh! Embarassing because I was telling the Cruise Director about the dream and the hug situation. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I know he couldn’t hear me, but at that moment, I became convinced on some level that he knew exactly what I was thinking. Like some crazy Jedi mind trick he heard me tell her through the noise of downtown Dallas and two car windows.

To recap: went out, had fun, laughed a lot, hugged awkwardly, had an inapporpriate thought- again, was seen sharing said thought with friend.

We’re going out again this weekend. And if you haven’t gathered yet, I really like him.

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