Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bumps in the Road

During the CT scan yesterday, the doctors felt that Donna has some tissue deterioration. Upon closer look, they found a blood clot as well. This morning they corrected he PICC line (the old one had become blocked) and attempted to insert a filter endovascularly to block the clot from her lungs, heart, and brain. Due to the size of the mass in her abdomen, the filter would not open properly.

Donna is experiencing more intense pain in her abdomen. The intensifying pain is a definite concern for the family as well as the doctors.

Teams from infectious disease and neurosurgery have been by this evening to talk with us about how she is healing from the brain surgery, how the medications are working in regard to the mass(es), and what our next steps are.

Neurosurgery feels positive about the progress Donna is making. We are hopeful that she will continue to heal and regain her strength. She was very lucid today and able to move her left arm and leg with little effort. Please keep Drs. Mickey, Lee, Beshay, and Flores in your thoughts. They are an amazing team and we have become very fond of them. They not only have amazing skills as physicians, but they are amazing men with obvious concern for their patients (and the families).

Infectious disease has requested that radiology do a comparison study using the CT scan from yesterday and the CT scan from our original admission into Zale-Lipshy. There is some concern about the abdominal mass(es) and whether the medication we have been using is having a positive impact on the mass(es). The ID team will be consulting with urology and surgical oncology tomorrow after the results of the CT comparison are in hand. We hope to have some sort of plan tomorrow morning, but we are learning to be more patient as time goes by. Thankfully, we are very familiar with the urology team... and more importantly, they are very familiar with Donna.

MJ- Thank you for sending the letters from the students, mom really enjoyed the ones we read tonight.

Sara- Thank you for the lovely goodie basket. Mom has eaten some orange slices today and said they were the best tasting thing she has had in a while.

All- Thank you for your continued thoughts and prayers. Your support has helped us all stay strong.

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