Friday, October 22, 2010

CHOP Chemotherapy

With the diagnosis of ALCL ALK-, we have decided on a course of action. ALCL ALK- is a very aggressive non-Hodgkin lymphoma. It has manifested in her abdomen, lungs, and brain which makes this a very difficult battle.

Donna is not strong enough right now to undergo the most aggressive treatment, but she is still ready to fight. We have decided to start CHOP Chemotherapy to begin fighting the lymphoma in her body while we work up her strength to battle the lymphoma in her brain. The less aggressive treatment that Donna can handle right now is not strong enough to cross the blood-brain barrier so we will continue to monitor changes in the brain and spinal fluid closely. I believe we will be starting CHOP as early as tomorrow since the sense of urgency is quite high.

Today, we have started another round of IV antibiotics. Donna has an infection from a combination of all the blood work, open wounds, compromised immune system, and time in the hospital. The physician's feel confident that the antibiotics should begin working late today.

Cy's visit yesterday evening really lifted Donna's spirits. Michel is here today to help me with decisions and a course of action. He arrived last night and it has been welcome support. Jerry will be here in a few hours as well.

We need to surround Donna with as much support as possible right now. Mentally, we need to keep her as strong and positive as possible for the battle ahead.

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