Thursday, October 14, 2010

New Hospital

I came to the hospital late tonight because I had a final for stats and meeting at school. When I called Judy to check in on her and mom, she let me know that they had moved to St. Paul's Hospital, just a block up the road from Zale-Lipshy. Donna is still in the UT Southwestern system, just in a different facility.

The team of specialists working with my mom did not feel the surgical oncology/urology consults that had been discussed with us yesterday by infectious disease were necessary. They took Donna for another ultrasound to look for any other blood clots.

After the ultrasound, there was not much word from the doctors... until the news that Donna was being transferred.

Donna arrived at St. Paul under a new admitting physician (a nephrologist) with a new primary on the case (a hospitalist). Donna did not have any of her pain meds and the hospitalist was no where to be found.

Sometime after 7pm, the admitting physician came in to go over some things with Donna. Same questions we've answered at every other hospital. The nephrologist said that he would be meeting with the doctors from Zale tomorrow to go over her case. Then he called her unique.

I'm over it. Please stop referring to her as "unique" and "an interesting case." She is my mom and my best friend, not an interesting case to get someone published in a medical journal.

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