Monday, October 11, 2010

Out of ICU!

Donna moved out of ICU this afternoon. We are on the neurology floor at Zale-Lipshy now, so Donna is able to have visitors and flowers- she would love to see or here from you all!

Last night, Judy dislocated her shoulder and we got to see the inner workings of Parkland ER (so for those people keeping track, that's at least 7 hospitals for this bunch in the last 8 weeks!). She is doing well today- she is a total trooper!

Donna was able to eat a little for breakfast and lunch and is about to have another shake full of contrast for another CT scan. She has had speech therapy and physical therapy already today as well.

Things are still looking up and we just keep plugging along.

Keep Donna (and Judy) in your thoughts- they are tough ladies, but they can always use a little love.

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